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Yumi Nu in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is an American publication but we feel it was news worthy as Yumi Nu is set to become the first plus-size Asian model to appear in the publication.

Yumi Nu is a beautiful plus size woman aged 24 year old. She is primarily a songwriter but importantly is also a plus-size advocate. She celebrated the announcement via social media (doesn’t everyone) with:- “Secrets out!!! I’m a 2021 @si_swimsuit Rookie! What an incredible honour it is to be in such an inclusive and beautiful magazine that has pushed the envelope since day one,” she wrote on Instagram. I’m so proud to be making history as the first Asian curve Sports Illustrated model.”

Ms Nu wrote about the “body shame” she said “Asian women and women in general” face, adding that it was “very difficult” for her growing up. She is of Japanese and Dutch descent.

She also used an Instagram video to say: “For Asian-American women, there’s a lot of shame in flaunting your body and feeling sexy. And I think for me as a plus-size model, we’ve had to evolve and battle this like, inner voice that hasn’t evolved.
I think most British plus sized ladies would share her thoughts and experiences.

“I’m plus-size and Asian. That’s why I’m like, this is important,” she continued.

“I want to do as much as I can to show other people that we don’t have to be dainty and little. I can say, I know that in myself, I’m beautiful.”

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