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Love Island Plus Size?

The new series of our favourite semi-naked show started last night to much fanfare, well from the younger generation at least. Love Island certainly isn’t my cup of tea due, but then to be fair I am not the demographic they aim for. They obviously aim the show at younger, cooler kids. But perhaps not as many as they think.

This years show has been criticised by some (including The Mail) for being somewhat lacking diversity in terms of the contestants themselves. The usual skinny, beautiful eye candy seems to be way I’d describe the contestants but I must admit I’m not really surprised as this is part of the predictable formula that Love Island (and others) use to appeal to their demographic.

Would a lack of plus size contestants put me off watching it? Well no because I wouldn’t watch it if I was paid, but it might affect the viewing ratings were it to happen. Many claim it’s about time the show did introduce a more diverse range of contestants and ultimately improve it’s diversity. I for one would most definitely agree….but I still wouldn’t watch it.

Are you a fan? Tell me more in the comments below.

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Is the word fat offensive?

An article in the Independent recently triggered some debate within the PSM offices. Is the word fat really offensive or is it just a description? Personally I find the use of the word fat to describe plus size women somewhat offensive, but others argue the contrary, including Stephanie Yeboah who is a writer with the Independent.

She argues that she is reclaiming the word fat by describing herself as such is in itself turning a negative term into a positive. She is beautiful and clearly self confident about herself and her body which is truly a wonderful thing. She says in the article that people assume she is being negative about herself when she describes herself as fat, but she argues that she can be fat and beautiful, indeed stunning.

She also reveals that she wasn’t always that confident and in her younger days, like most young people, she struggled with her body image. Indeed she describes a very terrible relationship with her body.

She goes onto to say that “A lot of people look at plus-sized women and assume us to be a monolith. They assume that we all behave the same way and that we are all unhappy with ourselves and unhealthy and unlucky in love, because of what they see on TV.” This then influences young people, especially larger young people in a very negative way.

What is your experience and thoughts? Comment below

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Prom Dresses

It’s that time of year when the soon to be school leavers begin to think about the event that has dominated discussions in the play yard for the past 12 months….PROM! Choosing the right prom dress to woo your gentleman/lady escort is as important now as it always has been, probably more so after so many proms were cancelled last year due to the covid restrictions and numerous lockdowns.
The time to start the hunt for your plus size prom dress is now and we are here to help. We have created a specialist section of the plus size me website dedicated to prom dresses. We have included some tasters below to tempt you!

  • Burn Out Stripe Bandeau Prom Dress
    Product on sale
  • Floral Bardot Prom Dress
    Product on sale
  • Beaded Prom Dress
    Product on sale
  • Lace Layer Prom Dress
    Product on sale
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Yumi Nu in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is an American publication but we feel it was news worthy as Yumi Nu is set to become the first plus-size Asian model to appear in the publication.

Yumi Nu is a beautiful plus size woman aged 24 year old. She is primarily a songwriter but importantly is also a plus-size advocate. She celebrated the announcement via social media (doesn’t everyone) with:- “Secrets out!!! I’m a 2021 @si_swimsuit Rookie! What an incredible honour it is to be in such an inclusive and beautiful magazine that has pushed the envelope since day one,” she wrote on Instagram. I’m so proud to be making history as the first Asian curve Sports Illustrated model.”

Ms Nu wrote about the “body shame” she said “Asian women and women in general” face, adding that it was “very difficult” for her growing up. She is of Japanese and Dutch descent.

She also used an Instagram video to say: “For Asian-American women, there’s a lot of shame in flaunting your body and feeling sexy. And I think for me as a plus-size model, we’ve had to evolve and battle this like, inner voice that hasn’t evolved.
I think most British plus sized ladies would share her thoughts and experiences.

“I’m plus-size and Asian. That’s why I’m like, this is important,” she continued.

“I want to do as much as I can to show other people that we don’t have to be dainty and little. I can say, I know that in myself, I’m beautiful.”

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Wedding Season!

Yes it is wedding season again in the UK! After a very long wait and many many canceled weddings due to covid, plus size brides in the UK are once again daring to walk down the isle this summer. But what to wear to such an occasion? What is the fashionable dress that will leave the groom drooling and your bridesmaids jealous? Well, that’s the million dollar question and whilst we can’t answer the question specifically (who are we to dictate your taste) we can provide you with lots of options in our newly created plus size wedding collection. Have a browse and tell us what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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Cami Dresses Summer!

A cami is one of the comfiest piece of plus size fashion that I have ever worn! Yup, that’s a bold statement but it certainly true. Admittitantly it isn’t a dress I’d wear in the depths of winter as I sludge through snow and ice, but during this rather splendid summer we are experiencing it is a most desirable piece of fashion.

Previously, I just used to fantasize about wearing this piece of clothing day on regular occasions wehereas now there is the trend that we call the cami dress delight and we have finally been given the chance to wear cami dress, wherever and whenever we want….so I do! We have a fabulous range of cami’s on the site at the moment to choose from, all from the usual fabulous plus size fashion retailers we know and love.

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Plus Size Pinafore Dresses

Summer is well and truly underway so keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends is more important than ever. What better way to show some additional style this summer than to get yourself a pinafore dress. This class style never loses favour with all us ladies, including us plus sized.

The pinafore dress shouldn’t be missing in your summer wardrobe. It’s just an indispensable piece that you can style up in a multitude of cute ways. And because it is a classic piece, you can always bring it back into your wardrobe after letting it coop up all winter.

Plus Size Me brings you a good range of pinafore dresses from a variety of retailers.

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Slimma Skirts and Tops

Slimma is the latest and greatest name when it comes to fabulous fitting plus size skirts and tops. They are taking the plus size fashion industry by storm, producing high quality products that plus size ladies love. At Plus Size Me HQ we have certainly taken to these great new products and have several you may wish to take a look at.