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Love Island Plus Size?

The new series of our favourite semi-naked show started last night to much fanfare, well from the younger generation at least. Love Island certainly isn’t my cup of tea due, but then to be fair I am not the demographic they aim for. They obviously aim the show at younger, cooler kids. But perhaps not as many as they think.

This years show has been criticised by some (including The Mail) for being somewhat lacking diversity in terms of the contestants themselves. The usual skinny, beautiful eye candy seems to be way I’d describe the contestants but I must admit I’m not really surprised as this is part of the predictable formula that Love Island (and others) use to appeal to their demographic.

Would a lack of plus size contestants put me off watching it? Well no because I wouldn’t watch it if I was paid, but it might affect the viewing ratings were it to happen. Many claim it’s about time the show did introduce a more diverse range of contestants and ultimately improve it’s diversity. I for one would most definitely agree….but I still wouldn’t watch it.

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