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Is the word fat offensive?

An article in the Independent recently triggered some debate within the PSM offices. Is the word fat really offensive or is it just a description? Personally I find the use of the word fat to describe plus size women somewhat offensive, but others argue the contrary, including Stephanie Yeboah who is a writer with the Independent.

She argues that she is reclaiming the word fat by describing herself as such is in itself turning a negative term into a positive. She is beautiful and clearly self confident about herself and her body which is truly a wonderful thing. She says in the article that people assume she is being negative about herself when she describes herself as fat, but she argues that she can be fat and beautiful, indeed stunning.

She also reveals that she wasn’t always that confident and in her younger days, like most young people, she struggled with her body image. Indeed she describes a very terrible relationship with her body.

She goes onto to say that “A lot of people look at plus-sized women and assume us to be a monolith. They assume that we all behave the same way and that we are all unhappy with ourselves and unhealthy and unlucky in love, because of what they see on TV.” This then influences young people, especially larger young people in a very negative way.

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